Computer Telephony Integration

Our developers participated in numerous projects for various hardware and software manufacturing companies, including GENESYS

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is technology that allows interactions between telephones and computers to be integrated or coordinated. TRING is a Genesys partner and an expert in Genesys solutions.

TRING contributed to various Genesys projects, including the following:

PureEngage for Cloud
G+ Adapter for SalesForce
Optimal Call Center Workforce Management
– Genesys Enterprise Telephony Software (GETS)


One of the projects implemented by our developers development of system components for European PC manufacturing companies, including the following components:

  • ROM BIOS emulator for ATA Card Boot
  • Socket Services for VIA and Cirrus Logic chips
  • Card Services
  • Utility to partition and format memory and HD cards
  • Configuration utility to configure IRQ, I/O space, memory windows, etc
  • Dynamic Resource allocation utility
  • Installation utility

BIOS Components Development

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the part of the Operating System that communicates directly with the hardware. This is how BIOS isolates the details of a particular hardware implementation from the operating system or application software. The function of BIOS is to initialize the motherboard hardware and other peripherals, and to load the operating system. Many of the Plug-n-Play and Power Management functions are handled by BIOS. BIOS is specifically designed for each hardware platform, therefore BIOS designed for one system generally will not operate properly (if at all) on another system. Our team developed BIOS supporting Windows NT and Windows 2000 OS for a PC manufacturing company that also used third-party BIOS vendors.

Firmware Programming

We have worked on a number of projects in the firmware area. Most of these projects have been performed for various UNIX and LINUX platforms, including:

  • Customizing of the system kernel and file system to improve OS performance for specific tasks (block server and file server)
  • Porting system kernel components to various UNIX platforms and to LINUX
  • Protocol Stack optimization

OS Testing

One of the projects completed by our developers was creating a test package for testing and debugging of the operating systems, including GUI, special debugging language and its interpreter, as well as diagnostic utilities. The package was based on program events mechanism and was independent from the specific OS. It was used for testing of the emulator of BS-2000 operating system (Fujitsu-Siemens).

Middleware Software Experience

Our team also has extensive experience in the development of middleware software providing connection between digital devices having its own IT interface and front-end applications. Particularly, a long-term telecommunication project consisted of the development of set of middleware servers, service utilities, and API library providing access to telephone switches. These servers worked with virtually all major switches, including Meridian, Dialogic, NEC, ATT switches to name a few. Another project included development of redundant back-end servers and API libraries for Dialogic and Brook Trout hardware for fax and telephone conference systems. The software supported TCPIP and X25 network protocols, and was ported on various UNIX platforms and Windows. Fault-tolerant software design ensured smooth and uninterrupted call center operations.

 Mobile Applications

  • GV Scheduler – Schedule Google Voice calls in your Google Calendar
  • CASSi – Access your CASSi schedule from iPhone
  • Wikipedia 3N – Offline WiKi with advanced search capabilities